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beach of fake ark sz

i see your perfect body and your face
you think youre the perfect human race
but you are nothing than a fool who is just acting cool
you plastic-surgery-face!

beautiful is what you wanna be
but thats not what you look like to me
youre pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside
a worse copy of bruce lee

sun, sex and sea
beach of fake, the place to be

your muscles, they make you a man
but you cant even count up to ten
on the beach you can show what i already know
i call you anabolic-steroid-man

parade on the beach in the sun
show your tits to those who have none
you may think youre hot but i think youre not
stupid pamela anderson

sun, sex and sea
beach of fake, the place to be

if tittys what people call pretty
many people must feel shitty
no one is perfect thats the defect
feel pretty the way you are

the billboards in the streets tell me
the way i have to be
thats not the truth and thats the clue
its not real you see


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