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within the ruins of eden ark sz

fire of light, the ancients of dark night
transcending through the war of passions delight
feeding on the screams, a prelude to eternitys sigh
shading like the trees, the gods are on their knees
how thouest darkness fills my dreams
i cannot forget the touch of winters breath
with infinity trapped in a sickening vale
safe in their dark catatombs darkness unveiled
but a silhouette simply just like a shadow
is shading the monument longing to overthrow
ruins of eden, savage of the demon
and shall spread his wings of eternity
ripping forth through heaven and unto my dark angel
the fortress of this flesh is lonely and possessed
to a place where time and space are death
on a stagnant pool against the shores of valhalla
in the presence of the shadows of knell
they shall suffer in the fires of hell
dark stagik forces and channelling fire
fore here i am to walk in the garden of desires
diabolus is rising forth to awaken the undead
beyond the graves of shadows raging forth where angels fear to tread
merely in an eye, of unholy sacrifice
imprisoned for eternity
lighting up the sky, the infant born to die
in darkening serenity
i am the dark living part of eternity veiled in the darkness
breathing the chants hereafter
for deep in the woods i shall dwell in the stream of my languid creator
dancing with fire in the moonlight
dancing with fire in the moonlight


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