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upon the kingdom throne ark sz

interlaced within your rapture
wrapped in twighlight from hereafter
so that you might know the flavour of that desire
destiny through dreams of sorrow
all life ends weak and hollow
and cannot know your tears of light shall remain

"the skys alone told tales of fire
conspiracy of pain and desire
raping heavens to the thunders roar"

oh, dost thou
dost thou taste the languid sweetness of my love
for revenge of fire on heaven
of what has been left within
and the chaptered pain of horror
deeply sighs and spreads her wings
you shall hear me with your ears
that are deaf to spoken tongues
enchanting all forsaken
voices poisoning their lungs
and to be spoken forever
in webs of enshadowed destiny
they do not penetrate the conscious mind
reflecting sanity

drawing all life and light into them
leaveth thou in their turmoil draining again
the sound of emotion, thy thunderous heart
and tethered forever in your thoughts from afar

beneath the veil of tears they wear
they see not clear enough to care
darkness seething avalon, fore skys reap death and heavens tear
and speak in tongue of secrets told
of spirits kindred, bought and sold
a kingdom beneath a veil of dark shalt remain
your velvet skin in breath of sorrow

a token of thy graveless honour
fore thou art the touch of death like winters sigh
and to remain in this forever
draped in darkness here together
so many dreams but never sleeping
anguished pain, eternal weeping


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