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thy sorrow bequeathed ark sz

and wash away this sweet despair
i give all that i am to you
for reasons they cannot quite discern
somewhere deep within the night

darkness chimes in justice
reasons for armistace
unaware, between thy values of grace
freedom yet inferno
spiting all incarnal
ever so silent the graveridden kiss

breaking in mercy, shall fall to thy knees
as kaos damnation, spreading its wings
through winds of salvation our sorrow doth share
and armed with the seals of blackness we wear

woven silken darkness from thy dreams

lo the ancient queen
thy paleness still bequeathed
and shadowing thy nest of dawn
beneath the throne we shall redeemed
we shall redeem our nature

in shadows that i cast is yours
of spinning visions of other shores
fore art reflecting deeming night
and shall reside in candlelight

alive, come forth, thou art in yearning
irrevocably their worth

and certain guardians of the gates
i am the living part of death
and so beyond understanding of thee
unleashing darkness gripped in light with fury

wrapped in purpose yet with everything to see
darkness bestowed unto thee
and shall declare thy living breath
for none so certain to cheat death


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