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the slaughter of innocence, a requiem for the mighty ark sz
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the slaughter of innocence, a requiem for the mighty ark sz

from the darkest kaos from beyond this time
i shall free my wings as our souls align
mortal barriers are falling in crippling time
in the moonlighting darkness, the garden divine
for invoking the dark, and the blood of its lord
it shall punish the weak with its bestial sword
the innocent blood sacrificed in the night
within darkness comes rapture in beautiful sight
feel the midnights pull
the answers to darkness and dreams in full
for only as eternity unfolds
lie the secrets within a funeral toll
slain by the hand too close to see
prism in their eyes for eternity
blessedly fading for all to see
painting a picture of hypocrisy
fraying at the edges of sanity
beneath its surface a part of me
unleash the tyrant from within
for no face can see beneath this opaque mask of deadened time
image that emerges through the wrath and pain combined
silken dreams of avalon where shadows dwell for all time
as a demon i roar
within the fabric of thoughts
my purpose an anchor
and exhale my spirit into the night air
stained as i fall beneath my shroud
and my flesh anointing tribute to the proud
in a breath from an everless nightfalll enshadowed thee
fore i am forever as eternity chants its chivalty
as a silhouette in the night
not of this world of within sunlight
fore only as eternity unfolds
lie the secret within a funeral toll


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