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dark requiems and unsilent massacre ark sz
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dark requiems and unsilent massacre ark sz

thy souls in flames of anger, and cruelty cradle thee
in times of war and dragons lore, unleashing unto me

deepest red born winter, for none so dark as thou
with kaos as its figurines, and monuments of stone
invoke to thee, dark majesty silence told in darkness breathe
shall soak with blood in secrets told through forests dusk of putrid dreams

stained with blood our seal shall be alive
suffering, indulged in sin as flesh and fire are one within
raping heavens to the thunders roar

bring forth the circle and the skys we shall command
and deathly haunting avalon forever in this land
with hate embracing vengeance of power on thy seal
shall blessedly affect their death, enchanting all surreal

blackening kaos ripping through my soul

"beneath souls of infinite light, as darkness falls upon all
as invocations of terror and destruction
condemn and deny those of feeble weakness"

upon the altar
darkness destroy thou
we are of winter
release seals of death

all about this ruined tomb, fragment silence of forever
dreaming ancient winters in the moonlight
silence of forever drowning
and fall, embrace me to the sun

and failed to wake, to be then forsaken
as gardens die and heavens shake
we are the silence of forever burning bright

darkness, crawls in all eternity
as fear be their martyr
draped in darkest ebony
upon the altar darkness reaches through my soul
enchanting in the garden be thy kingdom on the throne

dark satanic majesty, give unto me the seal of the damned
so that i may conjure thee, as infinity burns
the reflections of deepest emotion burning within
death and all avalon awaiting, as blackness surrounding,
immortality prevail in emotion... in emotion...
anoo nomine satanas nightfall...

in the name of the dark one

ad majorem satanas gloreiam


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