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ancient graveless dawn ark sz

to a place of ancient splendour
i returned to moments night
to catch the lightning in your eye
and tame it with a lullaby
darkness falls upon thy face
all figments of the human race
it is as if ive always known
for none but them the overthrown

deep in the shadows the prism is thine
and death lying waiting within horned god sign
the graves lying silently seeping their worth
as creatures, as warriors once roaming the earth

destiny of ancient sorrows
falls through shattered dreams
that pierces like a lightning bolt
re-kindling thy darkest scream

ancient, of dawn
for none so art like him, as i am darkness spawned
releasing shadows as we fall, i am your empath
slowly growing pale, capturing the dusk in sin
darkness, breathes superior, swallowing the moonlight sky
as fate within thy destiny that came to life in one black night

faith in all the keepers of our legend

death intertwined and embracing all time
all figments eluded that practically shine
have faith in your warriors, weak as their worth
and slain in amusing satanical curse

"and upon my word we shall unite
heeding eternal blackness
for none so like him as us
as deepest storms roll
and falling rain on to thy face
remember me as king upon the throne of pain"

and midnight of hunger ripping forth with hate
as vengeance chimes thy fate
upon an altar, a song played upon the wind
as covens, indulged in sin


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