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grey edit ark sz

got these thoughts in my head, that maybe your leaving.
the maze is avoiding whatll push you away.
but the realization is the maybe your waiting,
in a holding pattern. am i in your way?

i close my eyes and count to ten,
good, your still here, do it again.
i close my eyes, and count to ten.

dont you reason, you will find they say in this,
new ground, new stage.
dont you worry, im not here to blame you.
new ground, new stage.

for two years ive been here, cold and shaking.
no one could tempt me while hidden away
but now ive awoken by the lone standing reason
that while the pains not forgotten, you push it so far away.

i hole my breathe and count to ten.
good, your still here, do it again.
i hold my breath and count to ten.

i cant believe that at the end of the day
that is all you can say
well its not you its me, but this just has to be
the conclusion to this story.

i cant believe that at the end of today
i am still lost in grey
i keep holding on.


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