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three star compartment ark sz

dont ever speak that way to me again
in that way
i couldnt care less
if you loved me best
and dont say that you can love just once
for always
try to forget all
storybook drivel
and dont say youll never love again
its cliched
and so deluded
stop being stupid

true love will
never die
you dont think thats a lie?

when youre kissing, but still missing me
its because you want to
when youre flirting but youre hurting still
its because you try to
when you left her and said i was why
its because you lie so
kill your dreams and kill your love
ive had enough

dont tell yourself that ill be back any day
hey youre just dreaming
i know that feeling
and dont keep on saying "lets still be friends"
theres no way
while youre still hoping
we could be loving
cant you see true romance is dead
dead always
so your hearts broken you must be joking

you think love is
ceaseless and enduring
well if thats so
its unceasingly boring
no more always
for ever and repititous


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