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sperm meets egg, so what ark sz
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sperm meets egg, so what ark sz

dont say its groovy
dont say that to me
dont say ive had my chance

missed a pill, its no big deal (oh no)
pat my belly and ill squeal (i missed)
blood will often take its time (my pill)
specially when its mine
i dont want to take a test (dont want)
but i guess its for the best (to take)
just dont tell me what to think (that test.)
if it turns pink

what are you saying?
should i believe you?
why do you think that
its the finest thing?

oh no, not me
it c-c-c-c-c-c-couldnt be
im not so young
but l-l-l-l-life was getting fun
i wont believe that you could wish this on me
that you could want another me

hey hey dont look so surprised (im just)
i thought youd be on my side (a kid)
kids are dandy, kids are fine (myself)
when theyre not mine
its not easy to explain (dont want)
it just feels, well, kind of lame (to get)
and i dont want to get fat (that fat).
at least not for that.


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