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punk girl ark sz

people say shes bad
but they dont see
the way she is with me

p is for the painful way she makes me feel some day
u is for utopia, the other times with her
n is for the new wave dreams she had back in her teens
k is for the kid in her, my punk girl

she is honest and kind but in a way that people see
as telling lies and being mean
she has thousands of dreams but what they are ill never know
i hope i figure in them though

i dont care if they cant see
just how great that girl can be
but i wish, shed find a way
to act well, for just one day

i dont mind if they cant see
just how much she means to me
i still know what i will say
if that girl comes my way

she is hardened to hurt her softness hidden from the world
but almost ready to unfurl
she tries so hard to change but something always happens to
persuade her its to hard to do


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