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modestic ark sz

when i wake up on monday
i dont know why i ever let you stay
not a night to remember
i think youd better be gone by tuesday
youll be sad when i tell you
but you have got to go so

dont cry i know you can take it
your heart i never could break it
i just want to wake up alone

im not the same girl that you once knew
cos now i know what i have to do
so brace yourself for a big surprise
theres malicious intent in my eyes
ive started counting the days with you
and the hours and the hours and minutes too
dont try to win me with your charm
itll only... do you harm

when i wake up on tuesday
i cant believe that i let you get your way
you smile while youre sleeping
i feel sick that i was such a weakling
but this time i mean it
you are gonna go, so

dont cry youll find another
or go stay with your mother
i just wanna wake up alone


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