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me and my madness ark sz

i hear string in songs when theyre not there
i see things in darkness when im scared
i feel cold out when its sunny

make a joke and laugh about it
feel like youre a moving target
wish all this had never started

cut my hair and then i cut my skin
hurt myself instead of hurting him
feels like its a nightmare im in

say one thing and think another
stay in bed cos youre not bothered
pray that it will soon be over

he told you that he loved you hed stay with you
oh youre a fool
dont believe what people say they never stay anyway

he kissed me and then he stayed the night
i cant see that things could work out right
seems as if ill mess up some way

hold his hand the world seems all new
understand things when hes near you
now hes gone it all seems untrue

he left her he said he cared that hed be there
when youre scared
(dont believe what those people say its lies anyway)

i dont think they will/ i just cant sit still
funny kind of ill/ idont wanna think about it
showed me that your love/ but its not enough
i cant ever trust/ i dont wanna think about it
youre there by my side/ then i asked you why
could it be you lied?/ i dont wanna think about it.

my phone rings but theres no one there (hello?)
all my dreams have vanished in thin air
was it real when you said youd care

once you kissed or did you dream it?
bought a gift but hes not seen it
howd you know he didnt mean it?

when hes gone it all goes wrong
smashed up your home now youre alone

all of what you said/ goes round in my head
when i lie in bed/ i dont wanna think about it
im too paranoid/ you could get annoyed/
so did other boys/ i dont wanna think about it.
heard it all before/ gets to be a bore
god my head is sore/ i dont wanna think about it


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