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itchy chin ark sz

she was shy her self belief still left a lot to be desired
you compared her to her heroes she could not but feel inspired

she was taken in she believed
all the things you said were real
never noticed she was feeling just as you meant her to feel

what you say and what you mean
are very different things indeed
what id give to hear you say
"its love, ok"

never say im the one who lied
i cross my heart and hope to die
never say im a clueless tease
and most of all dont itchy chin me

all she said was she was trying
to believe in something new (in something new)
how the hell did you inform that
that shes leaving you

i forbid a single word to leave your lips
till ive explained (till ive explained)
well, thats it youve had your chance
i wont tell you the truth again

she is no longer fooled by your sad attempts to be cool
she could still love you though if youd see her as an equal
if youd just say what she wants you to
if youd just say "i love you as you"
if youd just say "please, dont say were through"
if youd just shed your pride
but you never do.


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