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dig your own grave ark sz

dont come to close (dont stay round here)
and please dont phone (even thats too near)
cos if i see you (things will end up just like before)
and if you touch me ooohhh oooohhhh
and if i hear you (she will be lost to you once more)
but i dont want to

i remember yesterday
all you did was play (always) your (stupid) own (cruel) games
you make out youre so big
all you did was dig (youll be) your (better) own (in your) grave
dig your own grave

you say youve changed (well so has she)
youre playing different games (i wish that she could see)
but if you mean it (her head is full of crazy dreams)
and if youll hold me ooooh ooooh

i shouldnt trust you (if shed just wake up she would see)
but i still want to


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