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sunset now ark sz

sun crazed in our room
it was an endless afternoon
it seemed that we were so immune
the nights were stronger and longer
i fell on my pillow saying
"tell the world that luckys calling
gold dust falling
here in action town"
sunset now
sunset now
sunset now
sunset now
blade flew into town
in time to watch the sun go down
he said the new prince must be found
the message shattered our windows
we know it was over, saying
"tell the boys that were not handing
over any part
of action town"

sunset now
sunset now
sunset now now! now!
pay out, run out, work out, die out
action town (action town)
if you have the name
then you win the game
in action town (action town)
bang bang youre dead
its raining bread
sunset now
now that we have gone
do we have strength to carry on
it seems like all our sun has shone
it seems our dice are as cold as ice
but something in my heart keeps saying
tell the world that luckys coming
lines are humming
here comes action town"
sunset now (to fade)


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