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reputation ark sz

i dont have a reputation
falling faster all the time
help me make my reputation
ill help yours if youll help mine
my clothes are too big for my body
my bodys too big for my mind
i dont like humiliation
i can change my clothes
but i dont think ill change my mind
hey look! i just bought a beach house
so bring all your friends along
i dont need an explanation
boss says i must leave right now
take the night plane to vermont
here i go, im swinging low
move out of my way
come and take a look at what ive found
here i am, ive got a plan
dont walk away
my reputation follows me around
once there was a girl in new york
wonder where that girl has gone
she was full of adulation
i tried to phone her
strange the number turns out wrong
ive got all i ever wanted
but what ive got, no-one wants to share
they turned down my application
please wont you let me in
seems like no-one ever cares


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