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play to win ark sz

city clubland, theatre, dockland
empty house, no audience
smiles of fortune, no man master
play to win and break the bank
play to win
turn professional, know your job
be up to every trick
make a breakthrough, strain your eyes
have no secrets, hear no lies
play to win

have no secrets, hear no lies
one needs a great deal more than this
make-up master plan
tension mars the prettiest face
sex in fairyland
play to win
how can you improve your life,
obtain the unobtainable?
boost your health, a giant refreshed
treat rough, get tough, 10-10!
play to win

did you take a backseat
when your kids were small?
suit the movement to the word
reverse and check the action
play to win
suit the action to the word
make every minute count
match in cunning, see the cars
step on the heels of chance
play to win
have no secrets, hear no lies


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