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move out ark sz

i fell in love on the day we met
it was a purely physical thing
we talked and talked i like your mouth
your minds o.k. but i love your body
we havent slept for days now
ooh your body
we havent slept for nights
ooh your body body
nothings going to stop me
ooh your body
this is a title fight
ooh your body body
i made you laugh and you made me cry
i know its wrong but ill never miss you
you locked me up i dont know why
but theres no law against escaping
it doesnt really matter
what you say to me
nothings going to stop me
what will be will be
i had a dream i was on a train
i met this girl she was prettier than you
do what you want but dont wake up
close your eyes and lets get started
i know a secret locked in ice
until i die im taking action
there must be more that we can do
where am i just when i need you
wrap me in your body
ill wrap you everywhere
no ones going to miss me
i know that no-one cares
ive been in your body
ive been in your car
you know ive had enough now
y know what the reasons are
move out
ill leave today going away
move out
im ready to go
move out
move out


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