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look at me ark sz

i know a place where we can talk
a precious smile poor little girl so pale and proud
hold me
control me
so proud
youre on the town youre on your own
dont walk away dont pass me by and run for home
hold me
control me
dont run for home
i followed you i tracked you down
and now its time to go underground
ive never been alone with you
so hold my hand and lead me through
if you say ill make room for you
if you do exactly what i tell you to
the saddest face the perfect thing
its time to face whats happening
now that youre here
theres nothing to fear
just look at me
look at me
theres something i cannot resist
let me tell you what it is
its when you walk away from me
i promise not to set you free
dont try to run im everywhere
if you escape then ill be there
i know a place where we can talk
ill walk with you, dont hide away
and leave me here alone
not here alone
alone with you
i think you always knew
just look at me
look at me
look at me
look at me

youre on the town youre not alone
i cant give up poor little girl so sweet and small
so sweet and small
hold me
control me
hold me
control me
look at me
look at me


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