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summertime ark sz

damn, i think ive got a hangover, too much mo the nite before, lady at my front door with a big booty and a cheque for me.

why in the hell is it so damn hot? and its only 110clock

lord help me cause i need relief! please send down some honeyz and some brew for me!

and i might just have to return to the spot to free my mind. friday nite on the westside always reminds me of summertime.


its summer time. and everybody on the westside is getting real high,

off the lala in the streets and were looking for the tata cause they pop out when it gets hot.

everybody kiss your rainy days goodbye, just blue skies and sunshine.

come chill with me, everything will be all right on the best side in the summertime.

here we come and we deep its the honeyz in the benzos and we know how we doing by the size on the rims on em

makes me wanna fly away to the palm trees, bomb these brighter days.

sunshine beem in on diamonds shined up. you want dimes we got the finest lined up.

come on so we can mess your mind up, put your tai up spend summer time with us.

and i might just have to return to the spot to free my mind. friday nite on the westside always remind me of summertime.

repeat chorus

put your hands up! everybody just stand up. i got some honeys in front of me screaming im the first man up.

so im about to raise up, so i can blaze up and waste the day up one day im paid up

ill buy a big crib so i can lay up if you didnt know im on my way up and ill bet you will arrive in the summer time

repeat chorus


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