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from the heart ark sz

i know youve heard these words a houndred other times before.
and youve been hurting so your heart has chose to close the door.
love broke your heart and brought you lies.
look in my eyes, youll see a love thats deep and true.
tender and strong and all for you.
you can trust this love
honest, thats the honest truth


from the heart im giving you everything, everything.
from the heart. i promise you that ill be there.
ill be there to love you.
from the soul im showing you all i feel, all i feel is,
from the heart, from the heart.
i will protect you and respect you and be all you need.
and when you reach for love you only need to reach for me.
these arms will never let you down.
theyre staying around.
ill walk with you through every storm.
ill keep you save ill keep you warm.
and youll have no doubt.. youre the one im living for.

repeat chorus

ill provide the love you need.
just trust my touch, believe in me.
ill never make you cry.
give it all i got, with all ive got inside.

repeat chorus


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