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bomb diggy ark sz

girl you gotta know what ya doin to me when youre giving me your sexy thang,
dont ever change what you do with ya body it feels so beautiful,
it feels so right explosions goin with us every night.
i cant hold back the soul with one in the whole,
you can just call me kid dynamite cause your love sweeter than honey
girl it aint funny. go me open wide, word to my dollar bill,
thats where im putting my money girl.


you know, you know its the bomb diggy diggy when we get jiggy
let me piggy back ride on it all night long, while im singin my song,
all thru the hoody hoody wanna get that goody goody
you know its the bomb diggy diggy bomb bomb diggy
can i get some of your bomb diggy jelle jelle chocolate puddy,
wanna get a little bit of your goody,goody,goody,goody
your loves so supernatural,you got me chasin after you
ill go wherever you are just to tell me and ill be packin up
ill be your journey man for love. travelin from hood to hood
any place anytime cause your love makes me feel so good baby
girl your goody goody makes me so complete.
so complete makes me wanna shout about it and tell everyone in the streets
but i know the best secrets are the ones we keep
and i wont tell nobody that your goody goody is the bomb diggy baby,
your secrets safe with me (so good) it feels good when your love comes down on me (so good).
youre blowing my mind. its driving me crazy (so good).
its good to me (so good) whoaa on baby!


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