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why should i cry ark sz

theres a time i felt i was blessed to be loved by you
but those blessings turn to regret from all the things you put me through
i remember at night you used to hold me till the sun rose the next day
now you sleep and just turn away while my heart is on display

and i say...

why should i cry one more night?
why should i smile when it hurts inside?
why does my heart say, get up and walk away
why do i stay?
why, why, why


theres a reason why i cry every day
theres a reason why things dont go your way
theres a reason why i kneel down in pray
theres a reason why im still around today
cant you see that im hurtin eternally?
i need affection and good lord therapy
i need you know as an urgent delivery
to get rid of the pain inside of me

(chorus, 2x)

why should i put up lies?
am i afraid to say goodbye?
ive loved you so, baby i cant deny
but now its time to dry my eyes
its hard to think of what was changed when i feel like it was all in vain
cant be right and feel this wrong
this heart of mine is just...

(chorus, 3x)


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