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sunday ark sz

(how u gunna let that gurl get between us baby?
do u even know her name? how am i supposed to make it through to u?)


is sunday gunna be my day to take it easy
(make it all about me)
maybe on monday think about callin
maybe tuesday well see how i feel
sunday gunna be ma day to take it easy
(and make it all about me)
maybe on monday think about callin
maybe tuesday well see how i feel

its 9:30 in the mornin, i didnt sleep well again
tossed all night long boy
cant stand it when we fight like this
here we go again so i have to be gone
cant deal with the fallout
gunna take a time out
i need to take the day off
gunna gather my thoughts, gather myself
i need some time without you, without you


maybe ill just take a walk
a few blocks get a bite to eat
see a movie (but not a love story)
try to get in the key, listen to some stevie
what i need to do is go to church
and pray for that gurl that got between us
pray that i dont see her
pray that i dont meet her
pray that i dont try to beat her


what she says and what she does aint no concern to me
she dont really need to be all up in ma business
baby u didnt really take the time to talk to me
you played me and betrayed me
now im ready i need, i need sunday--> (fade into chorus)


(oh oh oh oh oh oh)


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