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nature of a man ark sz

and all my girls say
tie me up, tie me up
oh, oh baby
oh yeah

last night i had a dream
and i couldnt sleep
what was wrong with me
thinkin bout the fight we had
and it makes me mad
that id go off like that
wish i could take it back
so baby i apologize, it wasnt right
is there a comprise that we could find
cause i be thinkin youre insensitive
but its your language
its just different from mine

understand the nature of a man
and realize that were just different
i understand that if i be me and you be you
we know love will pull us through
understand the nature of a man
i understand

ill be there for you
baby through and through
ill be your candied yams
you know i love you boo
im not tryin to be the man
nah, aint got that kind of nerve
aint tryin to role reverse
i know i wear the purse
to me its not about control
thats not what i want
its your love i want
and from you i want
all the little character flaws
its one of natures laws
from the beginning of time


youre the creamy part
of my chocolate star
thats what you are
you stole my heart
the fragrance of a melody
i cant describe what you are for me
my baby, my baby
you do that thing for me



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