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if it wasnt for your love ark sz
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if it wasnt for your love ark sz

would i be standing here
after all these years
among the stars above
maybe not if it wasnt for your love
smiling faces all i have
like when a king thats just been crowned
a battle has been won
that id have lost
if it wasnt for your love
a fairytail unfolds
more true than stories ive been told
at last my chance to shine
and all in perfect time
a life i once dreamed of
whod have thought
if it wasnt for your love
and all the wonderful surprises
to light so bright it blinds, it blinds my eyes
but finally i see, how it feels to live a dream
but would i have touched the sky
ever flown so high
oo,not i, if it wasnt for your love
your love...


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