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ive had my share of disappointments
ive been struck by love
ive been stuck for love
and ive blind for love
and wasted time for love
verse 1

ive always lived by my mommas words so
never been a fool for love
tell you like my momma told me
remember that youre royalty
and it takes a real man to see


love is fulltime
over time
all the time
now see if he aint man enough to see
then you gotta roll
gotta go
gotta leave

repeat chorus

verse 2

tell me what good is candy, cards, and roses
if only hell hurt you again
just to say that hes sorry again
in my opinion hes the sorriest man
and you can do much better than him
dont be afraid
to open up your eyes recognize and see
tell you like my momma told me (your a queen)
remeber that youre royalty
and it takes a real man to see


verse 3

gotta say you cant run your game on me
brotha im wise enough to see
been down this same street before
cant go back no more

no i cant go back no more


you aint gotta be with that man
no more


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