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love alive ark sz

the sky was dark this morning
when i raised my head
i stood at the window -
darkness was my bane

suddenly a sunbeam arch
thrilled me to my weary heart
it was the prettiest thing id ever seen

i knew i had to keep my love
keep my love alive
keep my love - keep my love live

baby i want you to roll me
hold me in your love
no more habits, promises and jive
ever since i was a baby girl
wanted one thing most in this world
it was to keep my love -
keep my love alive

i want to keep my love -
keep my love alive
keep my love - keep my love alive

youre up there under the spotlight
your silver trophy shines
with all you got, my lord!
you must get high
you need a whole lot more than money
you need more than to survive
you need to keep your love
keep your love alive


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