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lighter touch ark sz

look at me, the answer is so clear
lying close by the fire place
i wish that you could see yourself this way
my love, with the firelight upon your face.

aint it strange how love put things together?
one like you, someone like me.
but no one ever moved me like the way you do
and held against you, love i am weak, oh yeah

before us now, the dream of love is playin
a butterfly risin from the flame
you and me dont need no chain
since this feeling came to us
a touch of love, a lighter touch

this touch of love, this lighter touch,
than hands of love through time
reaching up to have and to hold you
but you know ill always stay if i
am free to go. you know ill take
your love into my soul. be lighter
touch of love this lighter, lighter
lighter touch


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