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i love you ark sz

when the night has come
and im all alone
and i have some time to breathe
so much damage done
i guess nobody won
is it too late to make you see

i love you
oh darlin yes i really do
i love you
oh darlin yes i really do

i know very well
how it got this way
i was drifting on my cloud
there isnt much to tell
except youve gone away
darlin now im reaching out

i love you
let me show you how i really do
i love you
oh darlin you gotta know its true

i wish that i had you now
the way that i had you then
darlin id take you and hold you and kiss you
over and over again
maybe we can try
to get back to that place
when passion made us wild
no more alibis
standing face to face
you will see it in my eyes

i love you
oh my darlin you know its true
i love you
let me tell you how much i really do
oh darlin you know i really do
oh darlin yes i really do


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