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fast times ark sz

fast times
fast times
bell, bell ringing me out of my sleep
make the world on time
make a little money, little money to keep

when you see the light turn green
you better be the first off the line
you gotta move and move right now
or you gonna get left behind

fast times
fast times

same old school bee
i dont care too much about making those grades
every day, every single day
i only come here just to see my babe
night shift
cash it out

time clock punching me out of the door
fire it up come on rev it, rev it up
shoot my care into the freeway war

fast times
fast times

at the end of one days race
i just got to see my darlings face
before the day starts in again
before the morning rings and rings
my babys waiting anxiously
pouring kisses over me
always makes my nights so warm
in the loving power of his arms


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