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bebe le strange ark sz

its got to be you reading my letter
not your hired hand
i dont know how to say it no better
i love you and the band

never heard rockin like you could
howling like you can
it gets me thinking of johnny b. goode
but you know you aint no man

when i heard you play i knew your
name should be changed
were all dog panicked and you are to blame
everybody ought to call you
bebe le strange
you look so insane
we gave you a name
bebe le strange

i wish i knew what youre really like
a touch so shy and fine
but the way you move with that guitar
just gives me other signs

heres my number give me a sign
call me back if this gets through
bebe, bebe, bebe, bebe
id never say no to you

when i heard your song i knew your
name should be changed
everybody ought to call you
bebe le strange
under my skin youve got my mind
youre so insane
bebes so strange
bebe le strange


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