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love me like music ill be your song ark sz
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love me like music ill be your song ark sz

these have been quiet days
when was the last time i wanted to sing
last few dying days hanging on - what will they bring?
even you and me
we keep coming apart
and its a wrong thing
we goota look right at each other and say it
turn on the radio and play it
and fall in love again
can you feel the light shine
you now this songs yours and mine
aint it good to know youve got a place to go
where the melodys fine
sometimes im not so strong
and even now i could be wrong
but if you love me like music
ill be your song

lately the days been grey
and times been hard
man up in town putting everybody down
watch him play his card
when you get free come on home to me
im gonna lay it down
we got love - weve got to feel it and show it
make each other really know it
and fall in love again
weve got to be friends


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