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low life vendetta ark sz

your ugly face keeps haunting my soul
wont wash away, wont leave this hell hole
like a parasite, not wanted here
why wont you disappear...

the ride will end, and so will you
now found your smell, i come for you
ill turn the switch
ill do the job
your time is up

boiling inside, my angers let loose
strength comes back to me, it must mean death to you
with a mind set for revenge and a hand to execute
your past strikes back at you

my anger never disappears
will my anger disappear?
feel my inner fear
will it ever disappear?
my anger never disappears
will my anger disappear?
but as long as you are here
i feel that hell is near

like an eye for an eye
and a kill for a kill
i will hunt you down!

foul stench reveals your face, anger fills the air
no guts to really do it
my inner walls are covered with blood
but my hands stay clean

the ride has ended
and now its you
my vengeance
false or true
cant turn the switch
cant do the job
my time is up


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