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hell is here ark sz

come on stranger play with me
now were in the dark you see
nervously you ask from me
if this is how its gonna be
you damn your eyes, they see too much
and pray your lord for deafness

the mind revolts
the body shakes
you sure would like to turn around
but something draws you near...
its the hatesphere

you told yourself to stay at home
the feet denied and now you moan
blackened sky above, below a burning pit
you feel like shit
entangled by a mastermind
you know this game is not your kind

this can only be a cruel mistake
beg someone youre not awake
you cant believe you ended up here
too late...
this is the hatesphere

panics like a worm inside
you scream and run, but you cannot hide
you rip your skin to reach beast
discarnate man to say the least

the pain inside your head will grow
theres no turning back you know
you grab a pen to write a note
then a gun...your head explodes
the paper says youve realized a fact you cannot bear:

hell is here


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