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deeper and deeper ark sz

come with me my friend
ill take you to a place where heads are rolling
can you hear the bells?
the ring for you my friend
sounding louder forevermore
you cover your ears
cause this is what i tell:

prepare to swim with me
were in a world of shit
sinking deeper and deeper

now roll your head my friend
forget about the gods above and demons below
fooling with your mind - with your mind

drunken angels fool around and devils blind your eyes..

prepare to sink with me

whirlpool of shit
going deeper and deeper

you cross your arms my friend
you stop to swim along, and shout:
no way!
i pity you for all your hope
ignorance has left you deaf and blind
wake up
have a taste of this:

there is nowhere to run now
the shit will trace you down
lets go deeper and deeper.


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