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before dishonor ark sz

what make you think everything is this world that you have can be taken away?
in a world this day, its kill or be killed.
i live each day like it might be my last.
in this lifetime few things are worth fighting for.
my blood. your honor.
everyone has a destiny.
ill choose my own.
i will not be a victim.
my cries wont go unheard (2x)
i got to fight for myself.
ill choose my own destiny and i wont let anyone take away what i hold do true.
i wont live in denial. and i wont turn the other cheek.
i must remain convicted and never accept this suffering.
ive learned from my mistakes and ive made a promise to myself.
i wont live in the past (2x)
ive been affected by your lies and ive let then hold me back.
i wasnt thinking for myself.
i wasnt living for myself.
what i have in my heart ill take to my grave.


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