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old hat ark sz

call me disruptive, say i break your concentration
familiar patterns, like waves that break too fast
what do you do when its so brand new that it kills you?
came on too strong, couldnt stand it slow,
now i know
she can knock me back like a champ

disembodied ringlets from hair that look like yours
call me the looming shapes of winter dusk impending

she barely fits inside my head, but i feel something
every element but one is in my thrall
stop traffic as i lie down in your footpath
like a similie i paint suggestive pictures

disembodied ringlets from hair that looked like yours
call me the looming shapes of winter dusk impending
call me freaky
call me childish
call me ishmael
just call me back
call me back
call me back and ill follow you around

i forget what my friends look like and they forget why they like me
but thats old hat.
im so happy.
how do you write about that?

disembodied ringlets...


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