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the last payday ark sz

danny was an old-time bourbon street barker
who wanted the same as charlie parker
and always cued-up a ball
thinking he was one rack away
but even when you run the table
the check still seems small
when its your last payday

the shallow pocket changer
who always took advantage of strangers
tried to make a five-grand grab
with a split second getaway
but he forgot that a bag of money
aint worth much on a slab
when its your last payday

that line about luck just cant be bought
youre always lucky til you get caught
trouble will find you, no need to look
and luck wont help when they close the book

i know a lot of young fellas in here
especially those on the highest tier
still want to believe
that santa comes in a sleigh
theyre right about the long white beard
but wrong about christmas eve
whats christmas, when its your last payday


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