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reason to believe ark sz

im catchin a plane home
i can feel the wind on my hair
maybe someones out there
someone just as bare
and if somebody stacked the cards
i hope theyre stacked for me
you see...
i feel just like a kid on christmas eve
you may not know my reason
but ive got reason to believe
my eyes gettin heavy
hope i can make a bed tonight
ill go to sleep alone
my true love stays unknown
my lifes an open book
and it starts on chapter nine
im fine...
a tangled web is easier to weave
you may not know the reason
but ive got reason to believe
i had my fortune told
by a fork tongued lady
she told me id amount to what i paid her
i left her feeling worse
than i did when i came in
and i know more now than id find out later
i wish i had an easy mind
and a pretty girl to hold my hand
seems the closer i get
the water isnt wet
this lonely life of mine
is the best ive ever had
its not bad...
my coats the only thing thats on my sleeve
you may not know my reason
but ive got reason to believe


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