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only cause i dont have you ark sz
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only cause i dont have you ark sz

turn off the music
take down the signs
pack up the boxes
put away the wine
no toast for the future
no reward for the find

if looks could kill
this mirror would do
only cause i dont have you

dont bother with ovations
leave off the fanfare
let the candles melt down
till the smokes all thats there
leave the veil in place
a tear, la mer
i could say it was nothing
now that theres nothing new
only cause i dont have you

not built on a wisp or whim
twist an arm, break a leg
tear me limb from limb
if theres a point youve made it
if theres a fare ive paid it

later on good wishes
later on good try
im afraid wont do
its not justified
you go from the privy
and you end up deprived
on top of the world
but still theres no view
only cause i dont have you


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