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never young ark sz

i wish you could have lived my life
no way to know
the fun i had
i ride in limousines
but it means nothing
i roll down the tinted glass
to see outside
i like to see how much i pass
on my roller coaster ride
its hard to remember
seems i was never young
i wish you could have been right there
my future was the end of time
and all the girls i needed
never knew me
ive fallen deep inside my well
without a pail
and if you come to rescue me
ill tell my fairy tale
its hard to remember
seems i was never young
what curtains fall
on childhood stages
that never rise
to show the crowd
things i drag
throughout the ages
never seem
to speak out loud
i wish that you were here right now
i guess i passed my chance away
a pallid grey is mostly what i see now
i live my life
and never stop to
close the doors
and all time i never thought
of living yours
its hard to remember
seems i was never young


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