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much love ark sz

next to the highway -- a noisy place
will anyone ever want me
tiny place next to the highway
could anyone ever want me
i dont have a car
my job pays poor
so much love in my heart
looks as if i may have lost my allure
but ive got much love in my heart

my appetite for loves voracious
will anyone entertain me
its no wonder my bed seems spacious
could anyone entertain me
is it possible
for two of us
to have much love in our hearts
how it would be
to find that much love in a heart

the heat of winters chill on my face
burning thats deep in my chest
its cold and familiar in second place
knowing ive done my best

the certain cause for my ambition
to dress an unyielding sadness
flirting with an absent addition
to simmer away my madness
the curb that i climb
is much too steep
to carry that heavy a heart
ill stay where i stand
and just try to keep
love in that heavy a heart

away from the highway -- a quiet place
will i ever find my true love
majestic and far from the highway
could i have had my last love
i ride in a plane
my job pays high
still so much love in my heart
at least ill be sure of my place in the sky
with all this love in my heart


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