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little farley ark sz

little farley
why you hangin out so long
i can tell by the people
youre runnin with
that youre singin a different song
little farley
what you hidin in your drawer
dont you know that i know what youre doin
and it aint worth dyin for
little farley
why you takin that to school
livin out your life in angola
really dont sound too cool
little farley
why you wanna take a life
that little girl they laid to rest today
she coulda been your wife
little farley
you know that dont belong to you
what you took in less than a minute
mighta took him a month or two
little farley
a boy dont have to be a man
if you cant decide what you wanna be
then im tellin you no one can
little farley
think about it...


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