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just kiss me ark sz

just kiss me
and forget all about that other stuff
kiss me
your big red lips, i think, will be enough

dont worry with your lipstick
im gonna kiss it all away
throw away your lipstick
that aint your color, anyway

my lips are your color
so lips, stick with me!

ooo, when you kiss me
ive got to know just how much you miss me

kiss me
and ill take your lips to paradise
kiss me
and paradise will never feel so nice

youre beautiful
you dont need all that make up
and you dont need to take up
all of your time in front of the mirror
dont you know that youre my deara
baby, cant you see were in love

ooo, when you kiss me
ive got to know just how much you miss me

kiss me
and put all the stars back in the sky
kiss me
and maybe then youll know the reason why
i want you
and my loves gonna haunt you
and im gonna flaunt you

in front of all the boys that live on my street
and theyre gonna be jealous cause youre so sweet
do you think i should repeat
do you think i should repeat
aw, say it, man!

im in love
im in love

im in love
sweet love


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