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how do yall know ark sz

standin on top of my hill
how do yall know what it feels like
how can you tell me to make my bed
when i sleep on the ground
how can you say that you like my noise
when i havent made a sound
i like peace time better than war
spendin my money in the candy store
i like makin angels on the shore
how do yall know
floatin on my cloud
how do yall know what it feels like
yellin your sermon from the bottom of a glass
cause you know how its done
tellin me the troubles of the promised land
when im in it just for fun
i like to eat my pie before my meal
make a snake with an orange peel
say my prayers before i kneel
how do yall know
when i was walkin past your house
i didnt see nobody home
yall musta been out buyin gold
when i was polishin chrome
ridin in my spaceship
how do yall know what it feels like
what makes you think you can navigate
when you dont know where im flyin
tellin me the facts about what i say
when you dont even know if im lyin
i like to wear white in the wintertime
pay my penance before the crime
have my reason without the rhyme
but how do yall know


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