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honestly now safetys just danger out of place ark sz
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honestly now safetys just danger out of place ark sz

honestly now...
either you stand for something
or you get knocked down for nothing
sister dont ache too soon
i thought it was understood
by everyone in this room
whod ever come up short or won a race
safetys just danger
...out of place

truly now...
people play tricks of the mind
shadows only follow behind
sister stay still
i thought it was the nature
of all on malverns hill
whod taken a lead off third base
safetys just danger
...out of place

honestly now...
if fate were to follow fortune
and clarity trail distortion
sister on alert
pay close attention
to fingerprints in the dust
and fallen feet that leave no trace
safetys just danger
...out of place

sincerely now...
i requested information
at a roadside station
sister it seems absurd
to be hammering pith
like a poet with a loss for words
trying to describe an angels face
safetys just danger
...out of place

honestly now...
wholly in demand
coming off second hand
sister dont unravel
when theres nowhere to go
except lawless travel
and an end to infinitys space
safetys just danger
...out of place


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