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hear me in the harmony ark sz

the city dont even matter
i could be anywhere
i dont care
theres a whole lotta hard workin people
that could take my place
and its easy to leave
when nobody knows your face
just close your eyes
you can hear me in the harmony
i came up in new orleans
fixin what i could find
to peace my mind
i gave what i had to the winners
just to get along
but its really hard to sing
when nobody hears your song
just close your eyes
you can hear me in the harmony
i thought i learned from getting burned
i bought a suit of armor and a silver cane
i found a little man whod be proud of me
but he had to get up early
and i had to get back to my pain
i guess ill keep on livin
one day theyll ask for me
ill be free
and if theres a heaven
ill be ready for my life to begin
but i wonder if i call
if theyre gonna let me in
open your eyes
you can hear me in the harmony


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