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you are the only song ark sz

ive sung it all tonight
almost every story that i know
and now when they turn out the spotlights
im not sure where im sposed to go
and im so hoarse i cant hit the high notes
its just a whisper when im low
but when you sing from the inside
you hope that something shows
and that it why

yes you are the only song, the only song i need
youre my laughter and youre my lonely song
youre the harvest and youre the seed
and youre my first and my final song
for you own me indeed
oh yes, oh yes,
yes, after all is said and done
youre the one song that i need

ive sung my songs to silence
to empty clubs and crowded bars
ive sung my songs to standing room
even sung em to the stars
but the faces they fade together
and the applause its gone so fast
and the story of every darkened stage
is that the glory just does not last

and that is why
yes after all is said and done
youre the one song that i need

all my lifes a circle...


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